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Does your organization need to start a fund raising program?
Grow with Ahnemann Associates.

Ahnemann Associates AHNEMANN
Looking to stabilize finances through the establishment of a solid annual giving program?
Partner with Ahnemann Associates.

You can simultaneously build a planned giving program and conduct a capital campaign.
Team up with Ahnemann Associates.

Feel secure we'll help you reach your goals because listening to your organization's needs and dreams is what we do.

That means articulating ideas and thoughts to your constituency and working with integrity to turn those dreams into reality. Our "walk-a-long" style consultation provides a personal approach while staying within your budget.
Your team for resource development
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Ahnemann Associates based in Des Moines, Iowa (IA) provides professional fundraising for rual Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri and other midwest states. Our people understand farms, small towns, rural communities, as well as medium and large area cities.
Whether you need money for a capital campaign, or need to establish an annual fund, we can help you get the most done in a short amount of time for a low cost. Planned giving, setting up endowments, all sorts of resource development whether you are a hospital, community owned aquatic center, or a church, we can help.
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